• Village Visions

    a research project

  • "The very process of engaging in conversations about what we can do together, in the place we inhabit and with the people around us, is a catalyst for the collective learning and awareness-raising that will make regenerative culture spread like a virus of infectious health."


    - Daniel Christian Wahl

  • Welcome


    Village Visions is a series of interviews with cultural creatives living on the Edge of Modern Culture.


    The purpose of this research is to spread legendary visions of the Village. To come together in a space of discovery that inspires and empowers the co-creation of Next Culture.


    Are you the next visionary?

  • Interviews

    with fellow edgeworkers

    Episode #1: Village Visions with Anne-Chloé Destremau

    coming soon!

  • Spaceholder

    researching and co-creating Next Culture

    Brianne Vaillancourt

    Gaïan Mage

    I am dedicated to creating Gaïan Gameworlds that empower the evolution of consciousness.

    Check out my website for more information.